Tuesday, October 29, 2013

Sweet Soldier

Happy Fall everyone! Time flies when you're having fun...or you're sleep deprived. Either way, we are so happy to share photos of our sweet boy's baptism.

As For Me And My House We Will Serve the Lord
Joshua 24:15

We obviously knew we wanted to have R boy baptized. BUT...When? Where? Church affiliation? God parents? Who would perform the ceremony? Gown vs. pants? And on and on....

After really thinking and praying about it, the only solution we were both happy with was to have it down in Glen Rose. Right on the spot where Mr. R and I said "I do". And with the help of 20+ people we made it happen the third weekend in October at 11am. Under an oak tree surrounded by family, a few mules, chickens, and dogs, and a very curious barn cat. It could not have been more perfect weekend. Why would we do it anywhere else?

October 20th 2013

 Sunday Morning

The weather was perfect for a Fall baptism. The entire family rallied together for meals and we had a fun and memorable weekend. Add another great memory to the list.

My sweet friend Jim Martin and his family came down Saturday night. Originally I asked him to just take pictures of the ceremony. He took it upon himself to shoot the entire weekend and they are so special to me. Capturing a morning at the Brazos House is priceless. Everyone in their jammies sitting around drinking coffee. So many memories have been made in that kitchen. A huge thank you to our buddy! Jim also came over and shot the nursery hours before Raleigh arrived. He did such a beautiful job and never once called me a crazy pregnant lady:) 

You know, we kept it really simple. Just pressure washed 30 chairs the morning of the ceremony. No biggy. When I say everyone helped, I mean EVERYONE. Look at those sweet boys helping. Warms my heart!

It was a mad dash to the baptism finish line. Lots of scrambling at the last minute. Quiche, ironing, spit up, missing socks, etc. But we all pulled it together. It takes a village to raise a child and to pull off a Christening in our family.


 Raleigh's God Parents
Godmother Susie
Godmother Mandy
Godfather Drew

These two were born exactly one week apart. I have a feeling this is one of many special events they will be sharing!

Sweet Ily Belle in her Christening gown.

Raleigh Myers Ramirez is officially a soldier in God's army. It's a big job Raleigh Boy!

My cousin Mary came in to perform the ceremony for the babies. It is so special because she is family and that is really what the foundation of the Brazos House is built on.

Sweet Jess came for the weekend too!

A huge thank you to my parents who never hesitate to open their home to everyone. I was literally in tears as we drove away that weekend because this is exactly how I pictured my kids growing up. Running around, swinging, feeding animals, playing with their cousins, eating outside on the picnic table, getting dirty. Just the way I did. I would not trade that for the world. I know my grandparents and aunties were there with us just smiling away all weekend. I would also like to thank my in-laws and sister-in-laws who are always willing to go above and beyond helping with long weekends like this. To be able to share memories with both sides of our families and watching everyone form friendships is so amazing. And the love everyone has for our little man is overwhelming. What a lucky kid!!

Papa and Mimi
Lady and Poppie
There were so many great pictures from the weekend. I wish I could share them all. I am selfishly hiding them so I can use them for Christmas presents...they're so cute!

Oh Happy Day!

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