Tuesday, September 10, 2013

Very Pinteresting

I was late to the Pinterest game, but once I joined I have been a loyal "pinner" since 2011. How did anyone plan a birthday party or bridal shower before this site? How did anyone decorate their house or find 987 things to do with pallets? How did we feed our families from the crock pot and then wipe out the sink with organic cleaner? Well we did it, it just wasn't as fun right;)
The one and only problem I see with this amazing Internet playground is I spend so much time searching looking thinking pinning I don't do a lot of doing. 

It's sad that I almost feel productive after a Pinterest sesh. I'm tricking myself that organizing my boards is somewhere in the same family as organizing an actual functioning closet. So I made a little Pinterest vow. Before I pin again I will use an idea off one of my boards...

Of course, I use the word vow very loosely because I can't sit down to feed the baby without opening the app on my phone.

So far I had cooked the bell pepper Philly cheese steak. It was Ok. Really quick to make. Needed a little more in the filling though. If I do it again I will add a can of cream of mushroom soup. It was actually better as left over...funny how that happens sometimes. I also updated my chalk board door, whipped up some organic cleaner, played around with some camera settings, and did a quick baby's sleeping work out

Pinterest victory!! On my list list week is to really get some closets organized and maybe bake something with a pumpkin theme. Although it is still so freaking hot the thought of Fall seems so far away. I am also whipping up some floor pillows out of an old rug. Stay tuned for that one!

I only have three weeks left with little man before we head back to school. I would probably be in an all out panic if he wasn't coming with me everyday. He is growing so fast, smiling, and trying to laugh! He is the best baby. We are smitten with our little buddy. 
Happy Pinning!

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