Monday, September 23, 2013

Push Present For Papa?

Mr. R got a belated "push present". I just wanted to share with you this awesome wallet I got from TheWalletShoppe. 

Please do not think I forgot who pushed this baby out, but new daddy's have if pretty rough at the beginning too. Sleeping on a glorified chair in the hospital, running back and forth to let the dog out. I mean, installing multiple car seats and putting together strollers, swings, and playmates is enough to deserve a small gift. Here is what were working with folks...

First off, I am a packaging nerd. Sometimes I like what the gift comes in more than the gift. So when the Bellroy wallet arrived in this trendy packaging I was super pumped...and I didn't have to wrap anything. Double bonus!

I chose the Bellroy Note Sleeve in tan leather because the picture online looked like it had an orange undertone and orange is Mr. Rs favorite color. I am super loving orange these days too! I liked the simplicity, functionality, but I didn't want anything too bulky. And, anything is better than the worn out wallet he has been hauling around. 

With new baby in tow I chose a wallet that was simple and couldn't be filled with a bunch of stuff. What do guys needs? A few cards and a place for some cash. Maybe a receipt. Done. 

To make it special and a meaningful "push present" I hid a pic of baby R in there. Love this kid! 

Yeah, I might have printed a wallet picture for myself. Can't get enough of that boy! The best part was Mr. R didn't see it right away so a few days later when he found the picture it was like a second surprise. I know it's sounds cheesy but we are crazy in love with this baby.

Pretty cool right? Didn't break the bank either and its really nice quality. Originally $89.99 but I got it on sale with free shipping...score! You know I don't pay full price for anything!! Mr. R loved it and I look like a new mom that has her stuff together....look at me being all nice to my husband;) Check out the website, they have a ton of things to choose from.

Best. Wife. Ever.

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