Wednesday, March 6, 2013

Dang girl!!!!!

So I am writing this post about two months late. I blame some weird gene that I am lacking because as most woman want to scream this news from the roof top I am still trying to hide it. I am thrilled to tears but very guarded about the entire experience. And I guess that's why it takes 40 weeks to grow this little bundle.

No world, I didn't just eat a hamburger......I'm having a baby!!!

Yippee! Our family is growing!
I envy the women who say their pregnancies were easy and they enjoyed it because this lady has struggled a little bit. Don't get me wrong, Mr. R and I are excited but I had my head in a toilet for about 5 weeks straight! So I'm going to tell you how it is folks. I'm not going to sugar coat this, it is fresh on my mind and I am telling the women (and men) of the world what it might be like for we go. Warning!!! It might be graphic!

Morning sickness is all day and night. Who ever named it, never had it...just saying! This horrible symptom of pregnancy will wake you from your cozy little bed at 3am. It will hit you with such a force your knees will buckle. I read that some women snacked in bed to suppress the urge to hurl in the middle of the night. But the thought of eating a Saltine in my bed next to my sleeping husband weirded me out so I opted for apple sauce and graham cracker in the privacy of my kitchen at 3am. It was the hardest weeks 7-12. Thank the Lord that was right in the middle of Christmas break and I could feel miserable in the comfort of my own home. Brushing my teeth was the worst and guess what happens after you have to brush your teeth again. Some days it took 20 minutes just to get out the door. At this point in the pregnancy I was screaming from the bathroom floor "this totally sucks!!!" and I meant it! Even this morning, week 20, I puked in the sink while I was brushing my teeth. GROSS!

Extreme exhaustion! I have always been a napper throughout childhood and into adulthood no one ever had to convince me to take a nap. I am the kind of person who needs 8 solid hour a night too. I rarely make it through watching a movie at home...I'm just a sleeper...that's me. Well throw a growing fetus in the mix and we have a different ball game people. I could have slept 18 hours a day. I was falling asleep during my off block sitting at my desk everyday! I would come home and take two hour naps and then go to bed at 9pm....and that was a late night. This, thank goodness, is over and I finally have that second trimester burst of energy.

Emotional Nightmare! This is something that really gets breezed over in all of the pregnancy books and every human being should know this. Every. Single. One. Pregnant women are crazy! No really, there is a hormone surge and I'm shocked more people are not killed during this time. I am normally a pretty even person. I am not a fighter. I tend to let things stew and then let them blow over. I like people to get along around me. I want my husband to like me so I try not to nag him. I cry when I am happy and sad but nothing too abnormal.

Before I even thought I was pregnant, before the pregnancy test, before a sonogram....I lost my frapping mind y'all. Tears, oh the tears, throwing myself on the floor because I had nothing to wear (And I know there are people reading this who think they have seen this fit before but nothing like this). Yelling at my husband for not edging the lawn...yep, it happened. Crazy crazy crazy thoughts!!!! Mind lost! Common words I used everyday were now lost somewhere in a pregnancy fog. I couldn't remember anything!! I think/hope I am getting better. Mr. R just walks away slowly when he sees my crazy eyes. And I do not blame him at all. As crazy as I am, I am totally aware of it, but have no control. And then I just feel pathetic for trying to apologize for being crazy. How do you say sorry for that?

Other non-glamorous things....
My once tight little more. It was the first to go, followed by every lean muscle in my legs then arms. I'm blaming the early pregnancy weight loss. I was so sickly looking! I looked at my back side in the mirror and actually asked out loud "Who's ass is that?". It happened.

Break-outs! What the hell! Finally over that, thank goodness!

Heart burn! Oh holy hell, I have had heart burn before, probably more than most girls my age. Boy Howdy! Everything gives me heart burn! Bananas give me heart burn! So so so so strange!!!

Having to change underwear 5 times a day. If you don't know why, google it! There is a medical reason and it feels like you tinkle yourself every 10 minutes. Pregnancy is so glamorous!

Oh, lets not forget the GAS!! Yeah, I went there.

Why have women not evolved from all of this?!?!?!?

Phew, glad most of that is over. Now, are you ready for the good things? Because with all of the crap I just talked about, the good out weights the bad. I promise!! And the best is really yet to come, right folks?

THE BOOBS!! Oh glorious boobs! I have been waiting my entire life for my boobs to come in. My entire life! When I was 5 years old I watch my early blooming sister buy her first bra and I thought when I was 10 I would do the same. 10 came and boobs. Maybe I was a late bloomer? Middle school, high school, college...nothing. I was even excited to get on birth control because women always talked about how their boobs got bigger......nada! Late bloomer I am.....31 baby! Oh the boobs are so great! I know some women complain about this during pregnancy but when you have never filled out a bra it is a very big deal. great!

Feeling the baby move. Imagine a little tiny person inside you moving....that's what it feels like. It makes me smile every time it happens. I felt the baby at 16 weeks and my all-knowing mother says that is early but I don't really have a lot of cushion to hide those little taps and jabs.  Something was moving in there!! After the alarm goes off in the morning I lay there for about 5 minutes and just feel him/her dancing part of my day. Mr. R finally felt a kick this weekend too...he loved it.

We are expecting our little boy or girl in July! As I'm typing I am tearing up. We are having a baby y'all! I knew I always wanted to be a mom. Nothing in my past medical history led me to believe I would have any trouble getting pregnant or having a baby and still for some reason I thought it would be a little bit harder. I say this statement with a very heavy heart as I am/have been surrounded by woman who have struggled with this and my heart just breaks for them. Maybe this is why I am so timid to share this news because we are not promised any of this. This little person inside me is a miracle!

Even after several sonograms, a heart beat, morning sickness, etc you (ok I) didn't really feel pregnant until someone outside my immediate family notices. I was at the gym strolling to the bathroom in my usual work out gear and from across the gym I hear....

"Dang girl! You're PREGNANT?!?!? (Pointing at my mid section) I haven't seen THAT before, where did THAT come from?"

This coming from a trainer who has seen me prance through the gym weekly for the past 3 years. Until that moment the only words we have spoke to each other were hello. 

I was first mortified because half the gym turned around but after a few seconds of my face boiling red I felt kind of special! Someone noticed! AND I cannot tell you how happy I was he pointed at my stomach and not my ass!

So here is the progression so far. Not much to show. I hate hate hate the 12 weeks picture because I look so pale and sickly!! And I was! I'm kind of cracking up looking at these because it's pretty obvious I'm pushing it all out! The 18 week picture was moments before the gym call-out! George Strait really wanted to be in the picture....he is really excited!

We're having a baby!?!?!?
We told the R crew when we had everyone over to celebrate December and January birthdays. I made this onesie for my mother-in-law to open. Our little bundle will be her 7th grade child. Everyone was a little confused at first. My nephew shouted out...."It's underwear!" But soon the family figured it out. Grand child #7 was on the way.

We told my family on Christmas morning. We had a double surprise to share. You can read more about  it on my brother's blog. My sister-in-law is due two weeks after me! It really was awesome to see my Dad's face when he realized he was going to have two new grand babies this summer! There were lots of happy tears! I felt horrible hiding it from my sister/best friend for 10 weeks. She thought I was mad at her:) Little did she know I was avoiding her because I was so sick!

I'm not sure if the kids really understood/understand. One of my favorite quotes of this pregnancy is from my 3 year old nephew Cal.

Cal: (Looking at my stomach with a cute 3 year old twang) You gotta baby in there?
Me: Yep!
Cal: (Lifting up my shirt) Where is it?
Me: It's inside my belly.
Cal: You ate your baby?!?!

I am actually due before my sister-in-law but we were trying to trick everyone....and it worked! I can't imagine how much fun next Christmas will be!!

So there's our "leetle" secret, all out there for the world to see. Pray for our little bundle and that the rest of the pregnancy goes smoothly. We feel so blessed to have made it to the half way mark! Now lets decorate a nursery y'all!

Happy Belly!


  1. Found your blog through Drew. Girl, I feel you - I'm 21 weeks and I still battle round-the-clock nausea about 50% of the days. Which is better than the first 16 weeks, when I battled nausea 100% of the days... so bad that there were many times I had to close my office door and lie on the floor under my desk in a ball and cry because I was so sick I kind of wanted to die. Yep, I'm a very glamorous pregnant girl. But you're right - when I feel my girl kick, it makes all of it worth it. Now excuse me while I go pop another Zofran.