Tuesday, January 24, 2012

House Hunters Oak Cliff

We dated for a year and were engaged for 5 months, so its not in our nature to wait for things. We knew that buying a house was not far off for us. It felt like one day we were just browsing websites and the next we were getting pre-approved for a loan. We have been very fortunate in that my family is in the "business" and I have a small addiction to HGTV... all things home/garden/reno/crash/hunters...as in house hunters.

Through this very fast process it is hard not to play "House Hunters".  This is a show that is on all weekend every weekend in our house. We find ourselves yelling at the TV if the couple chooses the wrong house. We roll our eyes when women complain about paint color and door knobs. Don't they know that's cosmetic?!?!? So naturally, all of the houses we looked at soon had pros, cons, and a catchy title just like our TV favorite show.

Our wish list is pretty short. Two bathrooms with the zip code 75208. Only two teeny tiny must haves in an area where million dollar homes are surrounded by trendy restaurants, boutiques, a golf course, and our closest friends. Did I mention we are on a budget?

House #1: Little House On Winnetka
Built in the 1920's on a desirable block in the heart of Kessler Park. Newly renovated with cheap features but move-in ready. 2 bed/2 bath/tiny living room/no garage. The best part about this house was it two blocks from our best friends. Top of our price range and our bikes would have to be stored in the kitchen.

House #2: Fixer Upper On A Dreamy Street
Built in the 1950's on a gorgeous street in Stevens Park Estates. Not that impressive from the street but has good bones and a two car garage. 3 bed/2bath/lots of room to grow/pink bathroom. Driving to this house we feel completely out of our league. You could literally throw a rock at some of the oldest mansions in Dallas. We have no business on this street! This street is for characters from Dynasty. Top of our price range with lots of projects.

House #3: Church Annex We Can Afford
Cute house with an inviting porch on the south side of Winnetka Heights. Updated with large bedrooms and closets. 3 bed/2 bath/weird converted attic/shed. Great house across from a vacant church. Next to an empty lot and a vacant shack. No wonder this house is so cheap! We can afford it and it's move in ready.

We still feel very "first trimester" about the process so we are not getting too excited just yet. When I have the keys in my hands I'll relax (along with my paint samples, fabric swatches, and tool box).
Stay tuned!


  1. 1. I love you 2. I vote for 2 or 3. The dynasty part sounds pretttty sweet! PI LOVE and Im excited to read about this!

  2. Love the blog and LOVE house hunters!! Here are my thoughts...from one house owner to almost another! :))
    #1 such a cute and inviting house. In an established neighborhood, which is great. Bonus-with it being by friends! Even though it doesn't have a garage. Maybe putting on a carport will add the much needed covering for the summer time. Also, adding a shed in the backyard to store your bikes. So 2 reno projects.

    #2 Has an extra bedroom which is great for re-sale purposes! You can gradually add your custom details to the house! Sounds like the houses around will only increase your value! :). You can always add some great shrubbery and annuals to the front for a more inviting look!

    #3. Although extremely adorable it's concerning. The vacant shack...who knows what will happen to the lot and/or house. Also, you will have to bug the city any time its grass and/or weeds were overgrown. Ugh! The vacant church could either be flipped into a nicer church or it could be torn down and (depending on zoning) be a strip center. Would you want all that traffic in front of your house?!

    I would either go with #1 or 2! Too may uncertainties with house #3. Sounds like house #2 has more of what y'all are looking for. Renovations and an extra room to grow (baby). You may get more bang with your buck with #2!

    Good luck Allie! Can't wait to see which one y'all choose!! Happy house hunting!!