Tuesday, February 21, 2017

Dear Ridge....

Dear Ridge,
Today you are two years old. Wow! My big man. Our Bubbie. You did quite a lot of growing up this past year. You are nearly the size of your big brother. You absolutely love all things sports and spend the majority of your day kicking, throwing, or chasing a ball. You even managed to talk about sports while playing with other toys...mainly just saying baseball and football in your precious little voice. You even sleep with a basketball...oooohhh, I just love you!
This is a 2 year old clown!

Your personality is so easy going. You do most things with a giant smile on your face or with that thumb in your mouth. People still stop me and tell me what a happy little boy you are. I hope you can always find that smile. If I ask you how you slept or how your day at school was you always reply "it good".

Your laugh literally makes my heart flutter. It is the sweetest, most sincere sound. Almost as sweet as the sound your little feet make running through the house. You are becoming so confident and independent. Are you really just 2?

I was never worried about bringing a new baby into the house with you because you are such a lover. I have never once acted jealous you just pushed your way into my lap if you needed a snuggle. The more the merrier right? You love all animals and even pick up bugs and snakes to "pet"! You have such a kind spirit and I love when you just throw out a "Thanks Mom" at the dinner table or "I got it" if I have dropped something. What are you going to be little boy? I hope something that will make this world a better place!

Sweet boy!

You love Raleigh so much and to watch y'alls friendship has been such a joy to me and Daddy! I know he bosses/pushes you around a lot and I am silently cheering you on when you have had enough....and sometimes sock him. Don't let him run the show, you are plenty big and can do what you want. Remember that when your little brother gets bigger ok?

Happy birthday to my Bubbie. I hope you feel loved today and everyday!

I love you, Mama

Ridge is 2 and he loves....
Baseball, soccer, and basketball
Watching Justin Time
Playing outside with Raleigh
- waterhole
- sandbox
- digging in the dirt
- playing in our neighbors birdbath
Tractors and trucks
Being at the farm
Calling Poppie on the phone
Giving Rhodes kisses
Snuggling with Mommy
Wrestling with Daddy

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