Tuesday, July 19, 2016

Dear Raleigh...

Dear Raleigh Roo,
3 years old today! I love you so much my heart hurts sometimes little boy. How can a three year old be so creative and clever. You are my constant "worker". Your imagination makes me laugh and is also incredibly frustrating at moments when I can't figure out how to work the "crib" firetruck water valves....and you lecture me for not knowing. You have three speeds; asleep, fast forward doing something messy, and most recently, totally zoned into a TV show. I love that you love to paint and draw and make up songs. I love that you love all things construction. I love that you love your cousins and try to impress them constantly. I love your laugh and your silly sayings. My favorites recently are....
I'm just teasing....
Are you listening, I'm talking to you....
Just a teeeeeeny tiny little bit more....
I suuuuuure do...
I'm tired from all that workin' (Or bounce housin')
How was your goodnight sleep?
You mean that whimpy deer....(quote from The Sandlot)

You are an amazing negotiator and have the strongest will. Seriously kid, you can talk yourself out of anything. Oh, but at moments you are the sweetest. I swear I will drop everything if I hear "come sit by me mama". And I am a sucker for the night snuggles and you get me every.single.night.

You are such a great brother and I hope your friendship grows stronger and stronger every day. I wish I could bottle up you are y'alls laughter somedays. I wish I could video every couch jump, wrestle match, and those moments of just playing together. I hope you will project Ridge forever and be a good role model because he worships the ground you walk on! Worships!

I hope 3 treats you well little man. I hope you learn to pee pee on the potty. I hope you learn so many new things and have some great adventures. Know that Mommy and Daddy love you so so so so much. You are my best buddy!

Happy Birthday Rals! Love, Mama

This year was really fun because Rals could tell me everyone he wanted to invite and what he wanted to do at the party. This kid is so lucky, surrounded by sweet friends.

Raleigh's birthday wish list....
Donuts (chocolate)
Bounce House
........and done!

These are some unedited pics from my phone! One day I'll have it together and get out the real camera for a birthday party...until then...

It's my party and I'll cry if I want to....especially if I bust my lip open!

Not sure how he is breathing???

That's a 3 year old folks!
Happy 3rd Birthday Raleigh!

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