Wednesday, February 24, 2016

Dear Ridge....

Ridge Matthew, my Bubbie, my love, my person, how are you one year old? The moment the doctor told us you were a boy I was so relieved. I really was, I wanted a brother for Rals so bad. When he held you up and we saw that little chubby squished face, Daddy and I didn't know what to think of you. We could not figure out who you looked like. I held you really tight those first few days so you would feel loved because baby boy, you weren't very cute. Doesn't that sound horrible, but you weren't. We have been snuggled in together ever since. And you sure got cuter!!! You have been the easiest, happiest baby....EVER! 

We are proud to live in Oak Cliff!

Those cheeks. Uuuhhhh, those cheeks! I could literally get lost in those perfectly fat cheeks. Sometimes you smile so hard I think they might pop! Strangers at the grocery store will actually leave their carts and walk over to talk to you and tell me what a good baby you are. Daddy says you think the grocery store is the compliment love it!
This is him perfectly! Happiest kid in town!

You are such a good player too. You love toys, especially balls. You can catch and throw and will do this for several minutes. I am so amazed with what you can do with blocks, Legos, and Little People....ooooh and cars, you love to roll cars. Gosh, basically if its a toy you are in. You are all boy too. Rough and tumble, climbing on dangerous stuff, knocking things over, getting dirty. What am I going to do with y'all when you get bigger? I can barely stay on top of laundry now!

When I look at you now I see a perfect combination of your Poppie and Papa. I don't want you to grow up. I want you to be little and chubby forever. When you put your head on my shoulder and suck your thumb I think I might melt into the floor.


I hope you know that Daddy and I would do anything for you. I hope you can feel you are so so SOOOO loved by SOOOO many people....and two dogs. You have made our family feel complete and our house full.

Happiest of birthday my precious bubs! Love, Mama

Ridge Milestones
I mean no one really cares but me so feel free to stop reading. I just have to put them down here as my child has no baby book. What will I do if internet breaks?!?!?!
- Teeth: 4...they are sharp!
- Words: Mama, Dada, bye bye, E-I-E-I - Ohhhhh!, I swear he says "Here you go", Uh-oh
- Signs: More, All done, Please, working on Thank you
- Walks!
- Runs while pushing anything that moves!
- Claps and sings and plays "Circle time"
- Loves to stack toys....really into blocks, balls, legos, little people animals.
- Smiles all the time
- Loves his will forever be my barnacle baby.
- Loves his puppies
- Loves/hates puppy kisses
- Loves food....will eat anything
- Still nursing (ish) did I mention his nickname is barnacle

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