Monday, July 20, 2015

Rals is 2!

Dear Raleigh, two years old yesterday! When did you get so big? You have been such a trooper this year. You have become the best big brother, you got moved to the big kid room at school, you have learned about 1,000 words and talk non stop, you started swim lessons, you want to wear a baseball cap all day, and you have found your one true love...lawn mowers. Everyday you make me laugh. You have such a silly personality. I love to watch you "work" which you do all day. Mow the lawn, sweep, water the plants, wash your car, spray and wipe down the cabinets....all before breakfast. You are my little worker bee! 

I love that you are completely filthy 85% of the time....or naked. You love to be outside and would probably sleep out there if we let you. Your favorite thing to do is watch the lawn crews on Saturday morning. You mimic them and give thumbs up when they finish. I honestly think you believe you are apart of the crew. I, or course, egg this on because I think it is so cute. Any man doing lawn work is a Mow Mow Guy.

You are all boy and love tractors, trucks, and animals. In the car you just keep asking for things, like I can make them appear on the side of the road. Mo' moo moo cow, please mama. 

You have finally started playing with toys! Legos, cars, and Little People. You are such a sweet brother and set them up around Ridge so he can play too.

I love to hear your little voice. Some of my favorite things you say are....
Whatcha doin' mama?
Mo' milk please.
No please.
Mo' tractor please, mama.

I love that you sign I love you and you do it without prompting. You are just turning into a little man. Every night we pray to be humble, hard working, and kind. I love you Raleigh boy, Happy birthday!

Love, Mama

Two years old!

Raleigh wanted a MOW MOW party. I though really hard about it and wanted it to be fun for him and easy for me. After last years guest list of about 70 we scaled down a bit. His favorite thing to do on the planet is play in the front yard with our neighbors and cousins and that's what we did. It was a very happy morning! Just a few pictures from the morning birthday celebration. I cannot tell you how happy my heart felt watching our neighbors walk out their front doors and down the street to see our boy. We are so incredibly blessed to live on this street!

These two....#raleighandcaroline
Raleigh loves those Bacsik boys!
Donuts, coffee, mimosas, and fruit....doesn't get much easier than that!
These beautiful ladies have really made me year! So happy they let their beautiful little girls tromp around with my stinky boys. Neither of them had a choice, I saw they had a baby and forced them to be friends with me!
This photo is hilarious because Ava is normally smiling ear to ear!

Our newest friend and neighbor Logan

Our next door neighbor Papa Don. Raleigh's lawn mowing bestie!

Raleigh loved blowing out his candle so much we sang twice! Crazy kid. Please notice how dirty he is already! This kid, I swear!

Mary Grace, Sue-Sue, and the Ridgelet
Sweet Caroline!
Oh Lordy! The awkward flirting begins.
Sweet Ava!

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