Saturday, July 19, 2014

Dear Raleigh....

To my sweetest boy on his very first birthday,
One year ago today you came into this world with the biggest eyes I have ever seen on a new born baby. You wanted to see everyone in the room and I swear you smiled at me that day. You were so cute and little! I love you more today then I did then. How is that even possible? I am so lucky to be your mama. Raleigh boy you are the light of my life.

This year has been far from easy. I feel like I never really knew what tired was until you. Yes little boy, you have created a very groggy, unshowered, yoga pant wearing lady cruising around Wal-Mart at 5am. But through all those nights of very little sleep you have filled our days with so much joy! You are so stinkin' happy. Thank you or being the most good natured, charming, adorable little man I have ever known.

The best part of my day is putting you down for bed. You are just tired enough that you are not trying to crawl out of my lap (and I am just as tired). You get your orange fox blanky and roll it up and make a little blanket nest on my chest and up look up at me with those dark eyes. You blink so slow and heavy I swear I can hear your eyes close. I pat you and you pat me right back. You are my favorite one year old boy in the whole wide world!

I love that when you know you are about to do something "bad" you turn and make sure no one is watching. I also love that when you get busted doing something that is a "no no" you start running and laughing. Oh Lordy!!

I love how you play with every "non" toy in our house. Watching you push around the mop and dragging my curling iron behind you makes me and your daddy laugh. Boxes, hangers, cords, spatula, bag of ribbons, basically anything not in the toy box!!! I guess this means you are using your smart already!

I love that you love your cousins, and your grandparents, and your puppy brothers! I love that you sleep through the night. THANK YOU! I love that you will eat anything and everything I put in front of you. I love that you are dirty 90% of the day and that crawling in the dirt is your favorite outdoor activity. I love love love that you are finally enjoying books!

I love you baby boy. You are the very best thing I have ever done. To hear you laugh, to see you smile, to watch you play with your daddy, makes me the happiest mama in the whole wide world. Happy birthday!
How can I make him stop growing?

Thank you Heather Ford for these amazing photographs! And just another example of how strong willed this boy is, I put him in a nice pressed button up shirt for the photo session and he was NOT having it! He stood there with his arms out screaming until I took it off. I am so happy I have him in a t-shirt....drool and all. He is my cool, comfy, casual boy!

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