Sunday, July 14, 2013

Duh Dubrovnik

Hey better late than never....
A year ago we were ending our Croatian adventure and after being pretty diligent about posting our trip I some how never got around to posting our last city visit. Nicknamed the Pearl of the Adriatic. Now my memory is a little foggy these days but I will try my best to fill you in on the hot spots. We ended our two week vacation in Dubrovnik. We were exhausted and hot! This city, like most Croatian coastal cities was all stone. Old Town is steep stairs, cruise ship crowds, and pretty pricey. It was not our favorite location but we did enjoy it. I had some memorable moments for sure. Like the awesome service at a local wine bar with an Australian to come. A hidden beach that I didn't want to leave. Octopus salad and raw oysters that I am still dreaming about. Yes, it was pretty tourist trappy but we enjoyed it. If you find yourself in Croatia its worth at least a nights stay.

Our first full day we took the gondola to the see the entire city. Old town Dubrovnik was heavily hit during the Bosnian war in the mid 90's and at the top of the mountain you could visit a memorial museum and still see some damage from the bombing. This was well worth it, one of the highlights of the Pearl.

Dubrovnik, Croatia 2012

We did NOT miss a meal. Of course the sea food was plentiful and really yummy. 

One of the absolute highlights of the last leg of our trip was D'Vino Wine Bar. It is tucked away on a narrow street...just like everything else in Dubrovnik. The owner is Austrailian, precious, and everything you would want in a host. I so very happy sipping my Croatian wine and eating local bread and cheese.

It was prettier before I got a hold of it!

Sunset drinks at a bar literally on the side of a cliff.

Day two we hiked the city walls. I think we were the first people at the gate because it was so dang hot I wanted to start as early as possible. The walls were a great way to see the entire city! It was pretty tough, I was glad to be in sneakers and brought water...thank you Rick Steves for all of your advice!

Our last full day we headed to St. Jacob beach. It's a pretty good hike from old town, well over a mile, but it was so worth it. I have more video than photos from this spot so I hope you can imagine how happy I was from this one picture.

I will leave you with raw oysters which is what I have been craving lately. Our Croatian vacation seems like a lifetime ago! I just wanted to share a few pictures so I wouldn't forget anymore fun details and so I could show the world I was skinny once upon a time;)

Mr. R hates travel bragging but since it is Bastille day I wanted to share a photo of me and Lady from 2007!!! Now that is a lifetime ago. We were so lucky to be in Paris on Bastille day. So lucky that I don't want to ever be there again on Bastille was crowded.

Paris 2007

Oh will never be the same.

Just a little "bun"'s still in the oven. Defintely feeling 39 weeks pregnant. Feeling good. Feeling big. Feeling like I want to stop sharing my body with a watermelon. Feeling blessed to be off work and able to nap whenever I want. Feeling really happy!

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